The Water Tower is built into the city walls in the northeastern part of the historical center of Tabor. Its construction is associated with the establishment of the biblicly named Jordan reservoir and subsequent construction of the water mains system supplying drinking and service water to Tabor from the Jordan reservoir.

According to recently found, previously unknown information, the beginning of the waterworks and water supply can be put at 1502. The oldest Tabor waterworks were originally put under the Jordan reservoir dam, deep under the city walls, where the water was forced out by a completely unique water machine (pump) to the water tower and then to the network of town water fountains (so it overcame the height difference of 32 meters!)

The original mechanism from 1502 served until 1559, when the water tower was heavily damaged in the famous Tabor fire. The tower as well as its water mechanism were consequently completely destroyed (perhaps after falling though the damaged masonry walls). After the catastrophe in 1559 the water tower acquired the renaissance style gables containing segmented curved motifs in several rows which you can see today. It is certainly remarkable that the old waterworks facilities (newly built after the fire, but using the same technology), which were repaired and refilled many times served until 1873, when it was replaced by a modern all-metal pump. The water tower finally lost its significance after the construction of the new waterworks in Tabor, which was put into operation on 14 May 1936.

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